Build Robust Organization With
System Expert

My Approach

Four Pillars That Builds Robust Organization

Leadership Style


Personality of Leader is Personality of Organization.
Your People Behave With Others The Way You Behave with Them
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I Work with Leaders to Identify What Changes They Need to Make to Develop Culture of High Performance & Commitment

Systems & Processes


Very Often, the Problem is in the System, Not in the People, and if You Put Good People in Bad Systems, You Get Bad Results
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I Work with Organization Leaders & its Team and Help in Establishing Simple & Effective Work Processes for Smooth Operation.

Human Resources


To Win in the Marketplace, You Must First Win the Workplace,
So, You Need To Treat People Right Not Only Pay Them Right
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I Work with Leaders and HR Professionals in Establishing Effective HR Practices to Build High Performance Team

Organization Culture


You Can Have All Right Strategies in the World, But if You Dont have Right Culture You Are Dead
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I Work with leaders and its team with transition to new behavior. What feels right? What doesn’t? What is consistent, and what is not? What needs to change?

I Can help You With

  • Create Magic at your Organization
  • Learn New World’s Art of Communication
  • Thrive with Win – Win Relationships
  • Become People Magnet
  • Evolve Work Culture of high Performance

Basic HR Functions

  • Drafting HR Systems Policies & Procedure – Manpower Planning to Exit Policy
  • Designing Employee Performance Management
  • Employee Rewards, Incentives, Recognition system
  • Handholding Support for Effective HR Implementation
  • Training Personnel for HR Function
  • Consult in Selecting Cost Effective HR ERP software for Digital Transformation

Advance HR Functions

  • Performance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Rewards, Recognition, Incentive Systems.
  • Career Development
  • Compensation Management
  • Designing & Developing SOP’s – From Inquiry to Delivery, all departments
  • Effective Data Capturing Templates
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Handholding Support for Effective Implementation
  • Team Training for new system
  • Help you identify and choose ERP software for Automation
  • Group Coaching Session
  • 1:1 Discussions
  • Realistic Goal Setting
  • Strategy Planning
  • Team Training & members commitment
  • Action Plan & Implementation
  • Review & Monitoring Progress
  • Success & Celebration

Transformation You Achieve

Simple Steps for Transformation

Know Where You Are Now
Understanding Organogram & Work Methods
Current Behavior is exhibited
Identify System Gaps
Decide where you want to go
Setting Goals
Involving all stakeholders
Design & Develop Process Blueprint
Work with new data tools
Work with New Work Methods
Learning New Skill
Execute New System Plan
Tapping on the Progress
Handling Performance Barriers
Celebrate Small Wins
Keep up Motivation
Keep Moving Step by Step
Fixing the Small Bugs
Achieve Transformed Work Methods
Celebrate the Win
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Individual Coaching May be for you if your current situation resonates to:

  • I Feel Low in Self Confidence
  • I Am Feeling Stuck
  • I Can Do Better, But Don’t Know What
  • I Feel Performance Pressure and Feel Stressed
  • I Want Better Work Relationships
  • I Want to Change Role Within My Organization
  • I Want New Role in Another Company
  • Returning To Work After Career Break and Need Support
  • I Am Falling Out from Negative Life Events
  • I Feel Overwhelmed Being First Time Supervisor


Mid-Career Coaching may be for you if you feel Stuck with Following Challenges:

  • Improving Path in Leadership Career
  • Adopting New Leadership Role
  • Missing Achieving your goal
  • Getting Optimum Performance from Team
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Conducting Performance Review
  • Delegating And Managing Task
  • Retaining Team Members
  • Effectively Managing Conflict
  • Relationship you find difficult to Navigate


Leadership Coaching may be for you if you feel challenged with any of these:

  • Setting Realistic Goal, Strategies & Plan
  • Increase Personal Effectiveness
  • Effectively Leading Others
  • Delegating And Managing Task
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Performance Management
  • Cultivate Effective Relationships
  • Process Improvement
  • Leading During Times of Change
  • Career Development and Succession Planning